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For more information please call Rubin Rodriguez Jr. at 307-200-9838 or email at

Mission Statement

Our passion is Jackson Hole. Our vision is to share our content while committed to giving back to the community with support for local businesses and associations important in our community.


Jackson Hole Television, Inc., a Wyoming corporation for the new Jackson Hole Television.

The new Jackson Hole Television will be broadcasting on K24OE-D, a Digital TV license issued by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC). The FCC designation K24OE-D is new Digital TV license that will offer local news, entertainment, sports, weather and community issues. There will be a real focus on content that is representative of the active lifestyle in Teton County, Wyoming and surrounding communities.

As the only local digital television station, Jackson Hole Television will have the opportunity to share with nearly 5 million visitors each summer that pass through Jackson Hole, Wyoming on the way to the Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park. In the winter, it’s the world-class ski resorts, fine dining visitors that will look for updated information on Jackson Hole Television.